Creating a Yelp Counter Balance

Yelp and other autonomous (and anonymous) feedback channels are a double-edged sword for many small businesses.

On the one hand, a one-star improvement on your Yelp score can increase revenues 5-9% percent, according to research published by Harvard Business School. On the other, it amounts to public relations trench warfare and means constant sniping. Take this case in which the Allston Diner struggles to set the record straight with a crazy person. 

The trick to circumventing the pitfalls of savage online reviews is to facilitate a more constructive exchange in the moment. To do this, solicit reviews in your restaurant and small business (like Bourbon Coffee does - see snap above), make an earnest attempt to right wrongs, and promote the opinions of your best customers. Finally, track your progress over time by comparing customer responses to a single question (NPS style) and analyzing and benchmarking their responses. Btw, we can help